The ring is the beginning of a lifetime
Something you won't receive everyday
It helps to show love for each other
Like so many other ways.

It will bring you closer together
The day you are made into one
Your love will grow even stronger
Because you've only just begun.

God brought you two together
You are a chapter in His master plan
The ring is a way of showing
The love between a woman and a man.

The ring means "I really love you"
More than any words can say
The ring is a token from deep inside
To say, "I love you when I am away".

Always love and cherish it
It means so many wonderful things
Yes, like the memories of a lifetime
As you hear the wedding bells ring.

'May You Always Remember'

May you always remember
The love for each other you feel,
As this dream that you've shared
Is about to become real.

As you start out together
There's a special joy
in whatever you do,
May your love for each other
Help you reach for your dreams
...and make them all come true!

As the love in your hearts
Is revealed in each vow,
May you always remember
The joy you feel now!

Today is the beginning
Of uniting two souls as one,
Being friends and staying lovers
As your role of husband & wife has begun!

May you always be guided
By our Heavenly Father above,
Just as long as you trust
In each other's vows of love!

May you always remember
To understand and accept each other,
And may your only need in life
Be the need for each other!