She opens her eyes
and sees the light
of a day that's beginning
sooner then she would like
And she thanks you dear Lord
for that little voice that's calling
But sometimes
she can't help but wonder~

"How long till I can sleep
just a few more hours?"
"How long till he stops
crying all day long?"
"How long till I can sit down
with a book and some coffee?"

He's a precious gift from you Lord-
I wouldn't trade him for the world
Sometimes Lord
I just wonder "How Long?"

She looks at the clock
and sees it's late
But she just can't sleep
till she knows he's home safe
See he's driving a car
and he's making new friends now
And sometimes
she can't help but wonder~

"How long until I learn
to let go and give him
freedom to grow from my little boy
into a man?"
"How long till I realize
his mistakes can make him wiser?"

I placed him in Your hands
and that's the best place he can be
Sometimes Lord-
I just wonder "How Long?"

How the years have flown by
and the kids - they've grown
They've all moved away
and they have kids of their own
Lots of time on her hands
and she can sit and drink her coffee
But she finds herself callin' up
and askin'~

"How long until you all can
come down for a visit?"
"How long until the grandkids
can stay for awhile?"

You see the house is
much too quiet
and there's no toys
from wall to wall
I miss the sound
of children laughin'
and their feet
runnin' down the hall
So I just thought I'd call
and ask you "How long?"

Don't keep wishin' for a tomorrow
Cuz it'll soon be yesterday
Don't waste your time now by askin'
"How long?"
Cause it won't be long
It won't be long
It won't be long

Copyrighted 1998 Aunt Cho Records
Written by

With exclusive permission given to
(aka MOM-JKV)