Well, we bought him one day
at the pet shop
My sons had been beggin'
so long
In a moment of weakness
I consented
And before I could back out,
it was done
They named him little Timmy
He was cute and he was skinny
Finest lizard a family could own
Little did he know
The fate that would follow
As he blissfully
entered out home.

It began when the boys all had to
touch him
Not content just to watch through
the cage
As they held him he slipped through
their fingers
And we chased him all over
the place
Behind the refrigerator
And a few seconds later
Up on the ceiling he ran
Quite a few times it happened
And though we were laughin'
That's when Timmy's heartache began

Well, three-year-old Chandler loved Timmy
His little hands could not refrain
One day when I wasn't lookin'
He kidnapped Little Timmy again
I saw it so clearly
Chandler holdin' on dearly
As Timmy lay trapped in his palm
Little Timmy was steamin'
Little Chandler was beamin'
As he proudly said,
"He likth me Mom."

Timmy jumped in his last try
for freedom
But Chandler grabbed his tail
as he fell
Timmy hung there for a moment,
then he lost it
Leaving Chandler holding
only his tail

As Timmy lay broken
No words were spoken
We did not know quite what
to do
Chandler looked up for help
He was beside himself
And Timmy the Gecko
was too

From that day on things were different
The spring in Timmy's step went away
He no longer ate all of his crickets
As he pondered the stub that remained
We said, "Your uniqueness
Is really no weakness"
We affirmed him but to no avail
Way we got it figured
Little Timmy the Lizard
Just could not go on with no tail.

Little Timmy, Little Timmy
Our dear friend we found
Frozen stiff upside down
Our sweet little gecko
We miss you but we know
You're in that great gecko playground

Listen up all you critters
at the pet shop
Heed the moral of my little tune
If you see my boys comin'
You better take off a runnin'
Or you may be joinin' Timmy
real soon

Copyrighted 1998 Aunt Cho Records
Words by

With exclusive permission given to
(aka MOM-JKV)