see if you can stretch your heart
and expand your love
so that it touches not only those
to whom you can give it easily,
but also to those
who need it so much.

Each of us brings to the world
unique talents, gifts and abilities.
Even if
you don't know what it is,
or value what you do,
someone, somewhere,
will benefit from you presence.
No one
can do what you do
exactly the way you do it.
It is this uniqueness
that makes you valuable to the world.
We are each as unique
and valuable as the other.
It was designed that way.
A gift from God.

Gifts are not given
on the basis of race or gender.
As a matter of truth,
gifts come in many shapes,
sizes and colors.
When you do what you do,
exactly the way you do it,
you are sharing God's gifts,
bestowed for the good of the world.

is where you'll be
when you are okay
right where you are.

The Creation
When I created the heavens
and the earth,
I spoke them into being.
When I created man
I formed him
and breathed life
into his nostrils.
But you,
I fashioned.

Man was put to sleep
so I could patiently
and perfectly fashion you
and so he could not interfere
with the creativity of ME.

From one bone,
I fashioned you.
I chose the bone
that protects man's life.
I chose the strong yet delicate rib
which protects his heart and lungs
and supports him,
as you are meant to do.
Your characteristics
are as the rib,
strength yet delicate and fragile.
You provide protection
for the most delicate organs in man,
his heart and lungs.
His heart is the center
of his whole being,
and his lungs hold the breath of life.

The rib cage will allow itself
to be broken before it will allow damage
to the heart and lungs.
Support him
as the rib cage supports the body.

Around this one bone
I fashioned you.
I shaped you.
I created you perfect.
Your eyes,
don't change them,
your lips
are lovely when they part in prayer,
your nose
so perfect in form,
your hands
so gentle to touch.
Oh yes,
I've touched your hands,
I've held your heart.
Of all that lives and breathes
you are the most like me.
That is why
I made you the mother of life.

You see,
you reside in me.
Adam walked with me
in the cool of the day
and yet he was lonely.
He could not see me,
or touch me.
He could only feel me.
So everything I wanted Adam to
share and experience with me
I fashioned in you.
My happiness, my strength,
my purity, my love,
my support, and my protection.
You are special
because you are the extension of me.

Man represents my image,
woman my emotions.
Together you represent
the totality of God.
So man
treat woman well.
Love her, respect her
for she is fragile.
In hurting her
you hurt me.
What you do to her,
you do to me.
In crushing her
you only damage
your own heart and lungs.
Woman support man
as the rib cage does.
In humility
show him the power of the emotions
I have given to you.
In gentle quietness
show your strength.
In love
show him that you are the rib
that protects his inner self.

Do you know why God put people's faces
on the front of their bodies?
Faces are in the front
so people can see where they're going,
not where they've been.
We have to go forward,
not backward.
Do you really think
you have the power
to mess up God's plan?

Beauty is simply Reality
seen with the eyes of Love

The ultimate lesson
all of us have to learn
is unconditional love,
which includes not only others
but ourselves as well.

If it's nothing more than a smile-
give that away
and keep on giving it.

An angel is someone
you feel like you've known forever,
even though you've just met.

My name is not important
it's my heart that really counts
It's the feelings deep inside me
and the love I pass around.
It's the reaching out to others
even when they can't reach back
Knowing that I love them
even when they can't love back.